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Policy and Public Service Program

Welcome to the Policy and Public Service Program

The mission of the Policy and Public Service Program is to prepare students with the knowledge and skills to work effectively in national or international government agencies and nonprofit organizations

The Policy and Public Service Program, located in the Center for Business Studies on the fourth floor of the Barnard-Jones Administration Building, aims to prepare traditional students for a career in government and nonprofit administration and management. Continuing education courses are available to practitioners interested in professional development.

The bachelors in public service curriculum is designed to provide students with applied skills in public administration using relevant technologies and analytical skills for effective management. The courses will challenge students and teach them to define the issues and problems facing government and nonprofit agencies. Students will learn theoretical concepts and evaluate the practical application to the public agency. A variety of specialized course offerings such as Policy and Program Evaluation, Cultural Issues in Public Service, Ethics, Accounting for Nonprofit Administration, and Internships, offer students a chance to deepen learning and meet their career interests while maintaining the standards and framework of the public administration degree.

Dr. Kimberley Garth-James

Graduates can expect a rich career in public service. The jobs offer security, decent pay and benefits. There is the opportunity to work with international agencies and do a “public good.” Career offerings are in foreign service, United Nations, department of state, the Red Cross, nonprofits organizations and government agencies. Graduates with the bachelors degree in policy and public service, may want to consider studying for the graduate degree at neighboring universities.

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Dr. K. Garth-James, Associate Professor, Program Director
Kentucky Wesleyan College
3000 Frederica Street
Owensboro, KY 42301